Carretta's service provides 24/7 on-site and online support to key customers. This is complemented by specific training for our customer's technicians.

Our staff

A highly knowledgeable staff specialized in overhauls, upgrades, repairs, maintenance, consulting, and remote diagnostics, coordinated by our technical departments for any service request.

Telephone support

Find out all of Carretta’s service contacts.

Service requests

Carretta’s support guarantees maximum availability for your automation including on-site service provided by specialized service technicians.


With the maintenance program, enhanced management of your automation platform’s plant efficiency is made possible-a good operating practices aimed at minimizing the consequences of production downtime, as well as maximizing spending and pursuing new productivity. Carretta offers two maintenance programs: Preventive and Custom Service.


That is why we offer training services to prepare operators and technicians for the machines / lines we have built.

Spare parts

Our design philosophy prioritizes the use of readily available industrial components.